Ball Valve ( Audco Make )

Ball Valve ( Audco Make )

Three-piece design Standard seriesThis 3-piece Ball Valve is the most easily on-line maintainable in its class. By removing three body connector bolts and loosening the fourth, the body can be swung away using the fourth bolt as the fulcrum, to carry out any installation or maintenance operation on the valve, thus reducing downtime. This valve can be offered in a wide variety of body and seat combinations.Three-piece design.We also offer gas pipe fittings,industrial,pipe fittings,hose and fittings,hydraulic adapters,parker hydraulic hose,hydraulic hose fitting Fire-safe seriesThis 3-piece fire-safe design Ball Valve features a secondary metal seat, which renders the valve fire-safe. When the seat is totally sublimated in a fire, the ball moves and rests against the lip, forming a metal to-metal seat, thus ensuring leak-tightness.

Single-piece / Two-piece design Fire-safe series (Class 150 & Class 300)These high performance full bore ball valves come in single-piece design (in sizes of 15-40mm) as well as in two-piece design (in sizes of 50-200mm). Advanced features such as fire safety, antistatic capability, cavity relief and blow-out proof stem are built into these valves. They are supplied with an integral actuator-mounting flange with drilled and tapped holes conforming to ISO 5211.

Type Units ASME Class
150 300 600
Full Bore Inches 1/2 - 10 1/2 - 10 1/2 - 2
mm 15 - 250 15 - 250 15 - 50
A105, WCB, CF8M, other materials available on demand.

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